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Alexis Williams

PTA Global-Certified Personal Trainer​

Bachelors Degree in Theatre/Acting w/ minor Study in Pre-Physical Therapy


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Well hello there! I graduated from the University of Fl with a Bachelors in Theatre, Go Gators! and I’m a ball of happy energy that Loves being fit!  I have been in sports, and dance for most of my life and as an athlete training to compete in the 100m/200m sprints;  I’m very passionate about staying healthy and motivating others to do the same. I’m a certified PTA Global personal trainer with experience in teaching bootcamp group classes and during my free time I coach youth track and Field athletes. With my experience in sports I specialize in Speed development, Strength & Conditioning, Power and Explosivity, HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training, Flexibility, body Sculpting, and weight loss. Also, throughout my career as an athlete I have had countless amount of injuries and road blocks which have taught me how to rehabilitate injuries and start from ground up. Back in 2014 after I fractured  my ankle and ended my track season early, I slipped into a depression and started eating my emotions. I gained 20lbs and when the next season came around I was completely out of shape. I came in 7th in the 100m in my heat and 28th overall. It was then I decided that I needed to make a change. I cleaned up my diet and worked out 5x a week. I lost the 20lbs in 3 months and was back to running again. I believe its not where you start, its where your going and with GOD, dedication,and focus you can do anything! 

“What does not kill you only makes you stronger!”- Friedrich Nietzsche

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