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Steve Foley is a Mentor, Life Coach, and Personal Trainer. He is a veteran of the US Army, in which he proudly and honorably served for 21 years. He is currently working on his Master of Science Degree in Psychology with Keiser University and as a psychology intern. He is involved in Gainesville community programs as a mentor and volunteer for the Veterans Treatment Court and attends/volunteers for religious services at Canvas Church. He became a resident of Florida in May 2015. He has one daughter who is in a zoo animal technology program to become a zookeeper. Steve is a caregiver to two cats named Stretchy and Kai. Steve believes that a lot can change for you as a result of his positive influence in your life while introducing the change process. He is a skilled coach who uses motivational interviewing, person-centered and evocative coaching, helping people find their intrinsic motivation to embrace the change process while receiving support in setting small goals to realize their biggest dreams.


About a year ago, Steve Foley had reached a point in his life in which enough was enough. In early October 2018, his weight had reached an all-time high. He was at his heaviest, was experiencing many health problems, and felt tired most of the day. His diet was lacking sufficient nutrition to function as he found that he was operating well under optimal performance. This is when he decided to grab the reins of life and take back some form of control, while inducing a sort of paradigm shift. Change was what he needed, and he was determined to find the answers to living a healthier lifestyle. As of today, he has lost over 50 lbs and is the lowest he has weighed in at least 15 years. This is because he has been able to implement proper nutrition and exercise into a routine. He consistently takes vitamins, exercises, and diets. For the most part he attempts to stick to his routine. This is the most important part; consistency is key. Steven has training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is mentoring and coaching with Life Balance Fitness to help others to find this positive change, and to reach both fitness and personal goals.

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