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I am in the business of helping people. Not every product or diet is right for each individual. If you would like a referral to a nutritionist they can prescribe a diet for you. To lose weight and stay healthy drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies! I also love using Doterra Essential Oils in my everyday routine. Check out information about the oils by clicking HERE!

Juice Plus: Whole Food Nutrition


Juice Plus is a pill form of 17-25 different kinds of dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  Without all the time spent, mess, and too much sugar you can get juicing every day you can get the nutrition you need and you can never get too much of fruits and veggies. Some vitamins can be too much and harmful to you, do not get absorbed properly, and do not have all the phytonutrients that naturally come in whole food fruits and vegetables. There is a synthesis that happens when all the natural components of fruits and vegetables are absorbed into the body that you can not get from a vitamin.


"I have found I have more energy since starting to take Juice Plus a year

ago, which I need as a personal trainer, counselor, and professor to serve

the people I work with. I also find comfort in knowing I am putting

such a great variety of real whole fruits and vegetables in my body every

day with the variety of phyto-nutrients I could not otherwise have. I crave

fruits and veggies more since taking Juice Plus and drink more water. I do not worry about 

cancer. I know many people who have seen Juice Plus resolve a variety of health and mental 

health issues for them. It is a blessing and a whole food supplement to my work at eating the best fresh locally 

grown fruits and vegetables. I know many people do not even get enough calories a day even in the U.S. and I have

seen people struggle to get the variety of fruits and vegetables they need in their diets. I want everyone to have 

Juice Plus and it makes me feel good to know JP actually recycles fruits and veggies that can't be sold because

of how they look. It also makes me feel good to know they donate and volunteer with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. I want to help more people to be healthy and meet life goals." - Rachel 


Juice Plus+ : Whole Food Nutrition

Tower Garden : Grow your own Food! 20 Fruits, veggies, herbs.


The Thirty Day Yoga Detox Challenge


Click here to buy the 'Complete' Shakes Powder with Protein and Whole Food Nutrition

for Pre-Workout Energy and Post-Workout Recovery

           Eat Right and Work out and see the results! Feel the difference!


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