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Beginner Yoga Class

40 minute class

Take a deep breath and imagine being in the most beautiful scenes of nature you have ever pictured. Maybe that dream vacation Airbnb wish list view from the window you want to wake up to in the morning. Maybe it is in the Japanese Tiny House looking out off the side of the mountains or wherever you want to arrive today in the quiet of your own thoughts.

Always check with a physician before beginning any exercise program. You always need to use common sense and recognize that in performing any exercises you are performing them at your own risk.

After watching hours of tiny house videos I suddenly had the sense as I walked through my parents kitchen that I was in a very eeny teeny weeny tiny house being pulled by a gigantic humongojumbo truck down the highway very fast to an exotic location. And after many deep breaths I felt a smile as large as my hysterical laughter look at my dog who is smiling back with her beautiful white teeth and her waggy tail behind. Welcome to the BEACH!

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