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Life Balance Fitness ®


The founder of ‘Jelly Belly’, the ‘Candy Man’, who also now lives in Central Florida, advised me to contact news companies directly to share the story of my company. I met David Klein recently when I was looking at buying a building for my business. There’s more to the story but here goes: I went through Hurricane Michael, a category 5 hurricane, with my company Life Balance Fitness, LLC and Loving Therapy. My new sign blew off the building and busted, along with most of Panama City. The roof came off and it flooded. I went the the gym, where I had also been getting physical therapy, and the roof had crashed in along with the large front windows. I was devastated and traumatized by it. I’ve had trouble every time I went to rent a new office or building for my business since. I came up with an idea then for an App for fitness companies and trainers that would allow them to put on a map where they would be meeting for any training or class, sort of like ‘uber’ for fitness. Since this pandemic started I had the idea also to add online video classes in parks and outdoor locations all over the world for anyone to take a class say, in New York In Central Park, In London, at the Grand Canyon, in China, or at the beach in Florida by video. My App is releasing at the end of the month!

My first gym location was at a school, Loga Springs Academy, where I had yoga classes I advertised with Living Social. Then I worked also with a Circus arts gym and at The By Ear Musician, in what used to be a Gold's gym with the big Yellow G on the floor! The owner was a navy veteran and UF professor who passed away a few years ago due to Agent Orange. I now also work with a local physical therapy clinic gym at Stillpoint Therapy and share space with a Martial Arts Studio as well as meeting with clients at neighborhood gym facilities, homes, parks, and online! 

I used to love to get donuts at Dan-Ds next door and go to the marina! On Pokemon Go Dan D's was the gym!
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