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Life Balance Fitness ® App

The World is Our Gym!

The new ‘uber’ of Fitness for trainers, gym owners, and fitness clients. Connect with personal trainers and fitness buddies anywhere in the World. Workout in person at a gym, park, at home, or take it to the streets. Workout by video with trainers across the country and globe at any beautiful outdoor locations that you can find on our map. Chat and video with a trainer to create a comprehensive workout program with exercise, nutritional advice, life, and health coaching based on the best of psychology and exercise science. Track your workouts with a personalized fitness journal.

Add Your Class to the World Map!

Sign up and jump-start your fitness journey with the expert advice of certified, seasoned, professional trainers and the community you need!

At any time (or during COVID-19 or due to natural disaster) connect with people at a park or city location to work out when allowable. 6 people working out 6 feet apart. Online Video training can take place in beautiful outdoor locations across the world.

Read the App's story HERE. 

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